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SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2021

Be empowered with your personal health information at your fingertips.

This commitment enabled our DigiHealth application to clinch the award for Mobile - Healthcare at the Singapore Business Review's Technology Excellence Awards 2021.

Manage Health, Simply

From pre-admission check-ups to post-hospitalisation charges, the app aims to assist you to make informed decisions at every step of your health journey. It’s a simple, safe and smart way to take better care of yourself.

Book Appointment Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Book an Appointment

Book a check-up, scan or any type of medical appointment with our hospital's specialists, health screeners and Shenton clinics

Access Mount Elizabeth Hospital Bill

Estimate Hospital Bill Size and Track Medical Expenses

Manage your medical expenses by getting an estimate of your bill size and access to digital copy of your hospital bill.

Digihealth Access Hospital Lab Results

Access Lab Results with Trending Graphs*

Monitor your health trends quickly and conveniently from your mobile phone

Access Radiology Reports Mount Elizabeth

Access Radiology Reports*

Get notified and enjoy mobile access to all your radiology reports

How to Use DigiHealth

Access to a variety of medical services
My Health Profile
Access Lab Results & Monitor Health Trends
Get access to Radiology Results
Estimate Medical Bill Size
Book real-time GP Appointment
Latest Health Tips from our Medical Specialists

Access to a variety of medical services

Access a variety of medical services, such as booking a medical check-up or receiving your laboratory/radiology results from the convenience of your mobile phone.

My Health Profile

A health assessment tool to help you determine your current state of health. Answer a few questions and receive some personalized tips on what you can do next to better manage your well-being.

Access Lab Results & Monitor Health Trends

With a single button, DigiHealth enables you to monitor your health so that you are aware of any preventive measures you can take to maintain a clean slate of health.

Get access to Radiology Reports

Get notified and enjoy mobile access to your radiology reports.

Estimate Medical Bill Size

Get bill estimates for surgical procedures and make an informed decision. Customise according to your preferred hospital and room type.

Book real-time GP Appointment

Shorten your waiting time when you book a GP appointment via DigiHealth.

Latest Health Tips from our Medical Specialists

Be notified of our latest health tips shared and catch up on relevant information to better care for yourself and family.

*All laboratory and radiology reports are for reference and documentation only. Patients are recommended to seek direct consultation with specialists for holistic diagnosis and interpretation of their health information.

For more information, please refer to our FAQ.

You can contact us at digihealth@parkwaypantai.com or call us at +65 6812 6499 if you wish to speak to us directly.

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