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  • Mount Elizabeth


    Congratulations and welcome to the start of a fulfilling journey to parenthood with Mount Elizabeth Hospitals.

  • We are here with you throughout your Maternity Journey

    Starting your maternity journey

    Preparing for your baby’s birth through our comprehensive range of antenatal care services is an important first step in your maternity journey. From monitoring the health of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, to conducting antenatal classes and tours of our maternity facilities, we ensure that all your questions are answered before you deliver. For couples seeking assistance in conceiving, our fertility specialists are here to help you.

    Mount Elizabeth Hospitals have a multidisciplinary team of obstetricians, fertility specialists, nurses, lactation consultants and nutritionists, as well as the necessary services and facilities, to give you advice, support, and peace of mind.

    Preconception services:

    Maternity services:

    • Maternity wards and offerings which provide information about our maternity packages and a virtual tour to the rooms
    • Maternity tours to get introduced to our wards, facilities and services before you decide where to deliver
    • Antenatal class, also known as Parentcraft service, is designed to help you prepare for childbirth and parenthood. It covers nutrition, exercises for different stages of labour, breastfeeding and looking after your newborn.
    • Prenatal diagnostics, a form of health screening that allows our specialists to perform detailed tests on the fetus to determine the health of your unborn baby
    • Neonatology provides preconception and prenatal counselling, high-risk pregnancies care, birth defects services, child development unit, and neonatal follow-ups for high-risk newborns.
  • Our maternity ward features modern technology and specialised services with serene surroundings and thoughtful touches to make childbirth a wonderful experience for you.

    View our maternity wards and offerings which provide information about our maternity packages and a virtual tour to the rooms.

    Learn more about the maternity tour to help you understand the maternity care and services you will receive when you give birth at the hospital.

    Book a Maternity Tour   View Maternity Wards

  • Our delivery suites are designed for optimal efficiency to facilitate a safe labour and birth. To help mothers cope with the labour process, we offer a full range of options, including Entonox (laughing gas), pethidine and epidural anaesthesia. Our staff are professionally trained in midwifery and experienced to deal with complex situations, in particular where medical intervention may be required for mother and child.

    Connected directly to the Operating Theatre (OT) and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), it ensures seamless operational flow for the optimal care of mother and child in cases of emergency.

    Mount Elizabeth Orchard

    • 7 delivery rooms with ensuite bathroom facilities

    Mount Elizabeth Novena

    • 8 delivery rooms with ensuite bathroom facilities


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  • Antenatal care is designed to provide you with detailed and thorough information as you prepare for childbirth and parenthood.

    Besides regular visits to your obstetrician, you are encouraged to attend classes to help you prepare for parenthood. You will be advised on practical issues, while also preparing psychologically for the arrival of your baby. It covers nutrition, exercises for different stages of labour, breastfeeding and looking after your newborn.

    Find out more about our antenatal classes.

  • We encourage pre-registration for admission as soon as you have decided to deliver your baby at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals. Pre-registration allows you to be admitted directly to the delivery suites when you arrive for the birth of your baby.

    Pre-registration can be carried out:

    • After your maternity tour
    • At the hospital admission counter
    • Online via a personalised registration link. Please contact our business office at:

    Mount Elizabeth Hospital

    Email: meh.businessoffice@parkwaypantai.com

    Call: +65 6304 4423


    Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

    Email: lbomnh@parkwaypantai.com

    Call: +65 6460 4909

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  • If your new baby is nearly here, it's time to get your hospital bag ready. Here's a checklist to help you make yourself more comfortable during and after delivery.

    For mothers

    • Identity card/passport
    • Pre-admission documents
    • Doctor’s assessment forms
    • Antenatal visits receipts
    • Insurance document (LOG if any)
    • Mobile phone and charger
    • Personal toiletries, make-up, hair accessories, glasses/contact lens
    • Nursing bra, breast pads, nipple cream
    • Going-home outfit

    For baby

    • Car seat
    • Swaddle, mittens, booties, beanie
    • Cord blood banking consent form and kit (if any)

    For fathers

    • Identity card/passport
    • Marriage certificate
    • Change of clothes
    • Mobile phone and charger

    Have these items packed in your hospital bag in the car or by your front door, so whenever your baby decides to show up, you’re ready to go!

  • Do you know how to recognise the signs of approaching labour? Knowing what to expect when the time comes will help you feel ready for your baby’s birth.

    As per your O&G doctor’s instruction, common symptoms to note include:

    • Water bag rupture
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Contractions at regular intervals that increase in intensity and duration

    What to do or bring to hospital?

    • Inform your O&G doctor
    • Bring along
      • Pre-packed hospital bag
      • Hospital admission letter from your doctor
      • All blood test results
      • Documents given to you during pre-registration (if any)
      • Cord blood banking consent form and kit (if any)
      • Car seat
      • Swaddle, mittens, booties, beanie

    Where should you go when you arrive at the hospital?

    • Go to the hospital front office if you arrive during:
      • Weekdays: 0700 – 2000
      • Weekends & PH: 0830 – 1730
    • Go to the 24-hour accident and emergency department (A&E) if you arrive during:
      • Weekdays: 2001 – 0659
      • Weekends & PH: 1731 – 0829
    • The father can complete the registration while the mother is admitted to the delivery suite or ward.
    • Fathers can stay with mothers during the birth, except for emergency caesarean.
  • Bonding after baby's arrival

    The first few days after birth are a vital time for bonding with your newborn.

    As our hospitals are accredited under the World Health Organisation’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) in 2018, we offer a conducive rooming-in environment that supports breastfeeding. We facilitate skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby for at least one hour immediately after delivery and are committed to supporting you in your breastfeeding journey.

    In addition to ensuring that your baby receives dedicated medical care, our trained maternity staff will also provide advice on early parenthood skills. By the time you are discharged, you will be fully equipped and confident to care for your baby at home.

    • After birth care
      • Nursery
      • Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for premature baby
      • ParentCraft centre
      • Hug & Kisses RFID tagging
    • Skin-to-skin at birth for 1 hour
      • Baby placed skin-to-skin with the mother to promote parent-baby bonding and initiate breastfeeding
    • Lactation advice
      • All nurses at our maternity ward are trained in breastfeeding and can help you with breastfeeding support as well as baby positioning and latching during your stay.
      • Our lactation consultant will visit you once daily. Should you face any issues, the lactation consultant will arrange to see you more often.
    • Watch our in-room videos on
      • Newborn health screening
      • Breastfeeding
      • Baby bath
      • Baby safety
  • Book an appointment to complete and collect the Birth Certificate Registration at our hospital. Appointment can be made with our staff at the ward counter or at the admission counter within 14 days of your baby’s birth. The following documents will be required:

    • Original marriage certificate
    • Identity cards / passports of parents
    • Notification of live birth (which will be given to you by the hospital upon your baby’s birth)

    Singaporean parents can also register their child’s birth online using the LifeSG app and collect the birth certificate at the hospital where baby is born. Parents can also apply for Baby Bonus at the same time using the app.

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