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  • Mount Elizabeth
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  • Overview

    Mount Elizabeth Neurology

    You will find some of the region’s most respected neurologists and neurosurgeons at Mount Elizabeth, speciailsing in the area of neurology, stroke neurology, neurosurgery, radiology and trauma.

    We have an extensive clinical history in treating strokes, brain traumas, epilepsy, sleep disorders and neck and spine conditions. Our proven track record aims to provide enlightened treatment solutions to help you return to the life that you love.

  • Gain Clarity

    With powerful tools such as the PET-MRI system that produces scans with great detail at lower radiation, our specialists can now detect brain tumours with heightened accuracy, potentially saving your life. This is just an example of the many screening and diagnostic tests available at our hospitals.

    Neurological Diagnostic

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  • Take Action

    The most powerful and complex organ of our body demands experienced specialists and sophisticated technology to treat it. Our neurologists and neurosurgeons work on saving lives with a wide range of procedures using modern techniques and decades of experience.

    Procedures such as awake craniotomy, involves the removal of a brain tumour while the patient is conscious to minimise the risks of damage to important body functions. Deep brain simulation (DBS) surgery, involves the implantation of one or more electrodes in the brain to block abnormal brain signals, enabling patients to resume their quality of life.


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  • Heal with Confidence

    Because treatment is complex, rehabilitation must be handled diligently and with great care. Our range of neuro-rehabilitation therapy regimes is specially tailored to your needs and includes occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy.

    Our Camilia ward offers behaviour counselling and health education to enhance your psychological well-being, as well as guidance to reduce coronary risk factors and unhealthy lifestyle habits, providing:

    • Help for emotional, behavioural and relationships issues
    • Adult psychiatry
    • Psychiatry for the elderly
    • Adolescent psychiatry
    • Treatment for alcohol and drug dependency

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