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  • Overview

    Mount Elizabeth Orthopaedic

    Mount Elizabeth’s orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists provide all-rounded services to deliver meticulous diagnosis and effective treatment for orthopaedic problems.

    From precise computer navigated surgery to minimally invasive techniques, we work closely as a team to improve the rate of success for the best possible patient outcomes.

  • Gain Clarity

    Our goal is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. With advanced tools and powerful imaging technology such as the electromyogram (EMG), your doctor will begin diagnosis and screening, to first determine if your condition is degenerative or caused by neuro-muscular or motor control disorders.

    Orthopaedic Diagnostic

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  • Take Action

    Our Orthopaedic surgeons are experienced in performing a wide range of procedures using advanced methods and technologies that include the MAKOplasty robotic surgical aid used in our partial knee and total hip replacement procedures. With such computer-aided surgical tools at their fingertips, our surgeons will help you return to the activities you love in the shortest time possible.

    Orthopaedic Surgery

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  • Heal with Confidence

    After successful treatment, one of the most crucial chapters of your orthopaedic journey is rehabilitation. Our team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists will provide a thorough assessment and plan to help you better manage recovery. Your programme will be tailored to reduce pain and discomfort, maximise your level of activity and restore your quality of life.

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