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  • Mount Elizabeth


    Congratulations and welcome to the start of a fulfilling journey to parenthood with Mount Elizabeth Hospitals.

  • Gain Clarity

    Preparing you for your baby’s birth through our comprehensive range of antenatal care services is an important first step in your maternity journey. From monitoring the health of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, to conducting antenatal classes and tours of our maternity facilities, we ensure that all your questions are answered before you deliver. For couples seeking assistance in conceiving, our fertility specialists are here to help you.

    Antenatal Care

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  • Our maternity ward features modern technology and specialised services with serene surroundings and thoughtful touches to make childbirth a wonderful experience for you.

    Designed to make you feel at home, our medically equipped delivery suites provide a safe and supportive environment during labour, with added warmth and privacy to bond with your baby.

    Labour and Delivery

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  • The first few days after birth are a vital time for bonding with your newborn. In addition to ensuring that your baby receives dedicated medical care, our trained maternity staff will support you in breastfeeding and provide indispensable advice on early parenthood skills. By the time you are discharged, you will be fully equipped and confident to care for your baby at home.

    After Birth Care

    • Nursery
    • Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for Premature Baby
    • ParentCraft centre
    • Hug & Kisses RFID tagging

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  • Our Specialists

    There are 72 SpecialistsView All

    There are 72 SpecialistsView All