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Novel Coronavirus update

COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) updates

In view of the developing situation of COVID-19, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals will be sharing health advisories on this webpage and implementing measures for the safety of our patients, visitors and staff.

For information on the coronavirus situation in Singapore, please visit the Ministry of Health website.

17 February 2020

Visitor and patient advisory

For visitors

All visitors are required to fill the visitor registration form before entering hospital premises. Visitors who choose to fill the online registration form should only scan the QR codes displayed at the hospital entrances, for security reasons. Please do not scan QR codes circulated on social media or messaging apps like WhatsApp.

A maximum of one visitor is allowed at any one time at both inpatient and outpatient areas within the hospitals and medical centres.

Visitors who meet any one or more of the following conditions will not be allowed entry into the facility premises:

  1. Has travelled to mainland China in the last 14 days
  2. Has frequent contact with travellers from mainland China in the last 14 days
  3. Has a fever of 38 degrees or higher
  4. Has respiratory symptoms (eg. cough, difficulty in breathing)

Visitors who fulfil points 3 or 4 should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Visitors who fulfil conditions 1 or 2 and 3 or 4 will be directed to the A&E for medical attention.

For patients

All patients are required to fill a health declaration form at the respective treatment facilities within the hospital.

All patients with a travel history to mainland China in the last 14 days or has a contact history with a confirmed 2019-nCoV patient:

  1. Will be directed to A&E should they require emergency medical treatment
  2. Will have their elective surgeries / procedures / laboratory and radiological investigations / medical treatments postponed until they have cleared 14 days of being symptom-free upon returning from mainland China.

All patients with an acute respiratory illness of any degree of severity will be directed to A&E for further assessment and treatment.

All patients should defer their non-essential and non-urgent appointments or surgeries if deemed clinically appropriate by their attending doctors.

8 February 2020

As of 5pm last evening, the Ministry of Health has raised the DORSCON level to orange. We will be ramping up our responses to minimise the risk of transmission and to ensure the protection and safety of our patients, visitors and staff.

We would like to gently remind all patients and visitors to stay calm and vigilant, to practise good hand hygiene, and to wear a mask if you’re feeling unwell. We seek your understanding and cooperation during this time.

At Mount Elizabeth Orchard, please note the changes to our hospital entry arrangements:

There are only 2 entry points located at:

  1. Level 1: Medical centre entrance (near the taxi stand and UOB)
  2. Level 2: Main hospital lobby entrance (beside A&E)

For wheelchair access, please enter/exit via the main hospital lobby (entry point 2).

Parking spaces will be limited as parking lots accessible via car lifts are no longer available.

Patients and visitors are strongly encouraged not to drive to the hospital and medical centre.

24 January 2020

We have started an express lane for doctors, clinic staff and staff at the temperature screening areas at our hospital premises. We seek your patience as we may experience higher human traffic at this time.

Seminars and events that are expected to gather a large number of our healthcare professionals have also been postponed until further notice.

23 January 2020

The DORSCON (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) level for the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore is currently yellow. This colour-coded framework tells the current situation of the disease, and indicates what needs to be done to prevent and reduce the impact of infections.

Patients and the general public are advised to stay home if you are unwell, to maintain good personal hygiene, and to look out for health advisories.

At Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, we have implemented measures including the following:

  1. All patients need to fill a health declaration form and be screened for fever, as well as signs and symptoms suggestive of an acute respiratory illness. Patients who fit the case definition for 2019-nCov will be offered a surgical mask and directed to the A&E and be seen by the resident physician.
  2. All visitors to hospital facilities will need to fill a visitor registration record form.
  3. All medical personnel will need to wear a surgical mask and/or PPE where indicated, and maintain strict infection control practices.
  4. As per MOH’s recommendation, we have strongly discouraged all hospital staff from travelling to China, especially the city of Wuhan.
  5. Hospital staff who have returned from Wuhan, China will need to wear a surgical mask for 14 days from their last date in Wuhan when performing their clinical duties, if and when the staff is permitted to return to work.
  6. Hospital staff returning from Mainland China are to monitor their health with mandatory temperature logs for 14 days, to be submitted to their supervisors, and are to seek medical attention promptly if they feel unwell.