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Corneal Transplant (Artificial and Conventional)

  • What is a Corneal Transplant?

    When the cornea becomes cloudy due to disease or injury, light rays are unable to pass through to reach the retina (the light-sensitive portion of the eye). This can lead to poor vision or blindness. The cornea can be damaged by:

    • Corneal injuries
    • Infections
    • Age-related degeneration

    Corneal transplant is a surgical procedure that replaces the cloudy/scarred cornea with a clear donor cornea to improve vision.

    The usual corneal transplant surgery uses a full corneal transplant (called penetrating keratoplasty), while a new and more advanced form of partial corneal transplant (called lamellar keratoplasty) replaces only the diseased parts of the cornea, leaving the healthy corneal tissue in place.

  • If you have poor vision due to a diseased or cloudy cornea, but have a healthy nerve and retina at the back of your eye, you may benefit from a corneal transplant to restore your vision. As the damaged cornea can look cloudy, replacement with a clear donor cornea can also be a cosmetic improvement.

  • At Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, we are committed to giving you comprehensive care. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists, nurses and therapists are here to guide you through the entire treatment and recovery process. Enquire to find out about the range of services we offer.  

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