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Refractive Surgery (LASIK)

  • What is Refractive Surgery (LASIK)?

    Refractive surgery refers to any surgery that is done to correct a refractive error in your eye. A refractive error is present if you cannot clearly focus your eye, and need to wear glasses (spectacles) or contact lenses. The most common refractive errors are:

    • Myopia (short-sightedness) – Difficulty in seeing distant objects clearly
    • Hyperopia (long-sightedness) – Difficulty in seeing close objects clearly
    • Astigmatism – Distorted vision resulting from an irregularly curved cornea
    • Presbyopia – Age-related difficulty in reading or seeing close objects clearly

    Refractive surgery is usually done by laser. The laser procedure changes the shape of the cornea to correct the error in your vision. LASIK is an abbreviation of 'laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis'.

  • You may need to have refractive surgery if you have short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia, and don’t want to wear spectacles or contact lenses. The benefits of refractive surgery are:

    •  A quick recovery of vision
    • It is relatively pain-free
    • It is a well-established procedure
    • It has very few complications
  • At Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, we are committed to giving you comprehensive care. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists, nurses and therapists are here to guide you through the entire treatment and recovery process. Enquire to find out about the range of services we offer.  

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