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Transplant Process

The thorough pre-transplant donor evaluation aims to reduce the risk to both the donor and the recipient. It confirms that the donor is mentally and physically fit, and that the kidney to be donated is suitable for the recipient.

  • An independent team of physicians, cardiologists, psychiatrists, dentists, nephrologists, and infectious disease physicians will carry out further assessment on your donor.
  • Also, our transplant coordinator will assess the social and financial history of the donor’s family, to provide the necessary information for the ethics committee for approval.
  • Your donor will need to sign a legal declaration before the Commissioner of Oath to complete the legal requirements for the transplantation.
  • For foreign donors, their passports need to be verified at their respective local embassy in Singapore.

The Transplant Ethics Committee (TEC) consists of:

  • A medical practitioner involved with the hospital
  • A medical practitioner not involved with the hospital (from the National Team)
  • A layperson from the National Team

The TEC members are independent and they are governed under the Ministry of Health’s Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA) in Singapore.

Once approved by the TEC, your kidney transplant will be performed a week after the date of approval. If your condition is deteriorating rapidly, the surgery date can be brought forward. If you are undergoing dialysis, you will keep going with it until your surgery date.

Our business office will also provide you with financial counselling, and the deposit will be collected one week before your admission to the hospital.