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Antenatal Care/Parentcraft (Before Birth)

  • What is Antenatal Care/Parentcraft (before birth)?

    Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s Antenatal Programme

    Antenatal care is designed to provide you with detailed and thorough information as you prepare for childbirth and parenthood.

  • Antenatal care classes will prepare you for your baby’s birth by teaching you:

    • Breastfeeding
    • How to look after your newborn (ParentCraft)

    Besides regular visits to your obstetrician, you are encouraged to attend classes to help you prepare for parenthood. You will be advised on practical issues, while also preparing psychologically for the arrival of your baby. Not only that, a lactation consultant will give advice on breastfeeding and caring for your newborn baby. You will also be taught what to expect for your baby’s development and the changes in your body at every stage of your pregnancy.

  • Our skilled team of specialists and staff operate at Mount Elizabeth Orchard and Mount Elizabeth Novena – both award-winning hospitals with modern technology and facilities.

    Take your first step towards better health today, and experience the quality and customised healthcare that has made us one of the leading medical institutions in Asia-Pacific.

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  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s Antenatal Programme

    Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital's antenatal programme is designed to equip new mummies and daddies with the skills to give your newborn the best start in life.

    Our small group classes are held over three Saturdays, and will cover breastfeeding tips according to World Health Organisation guidelines, baby care, and the birth environment in a hospital.

    The classes provide hands-on skills on infant bathing, diaper change, burping, and breastfeeding positions using a baby mannequin. You will also learn techniques to reduce engorgement and blocked ducts using a breast model. The last class covers advice on baby choking, as well as massage techniques for mothers and babies by Beauty Mum’s trained staff nurse and therapists.

    Programme Outline

    Session 1: Embracing the Birthing Journey

    Instructor: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Senior Staff Midwife


    • When is it time to go to the hospital
    • Labouring in a hospital environment
    • Vaginal birth, assisted birth and Caesarean section

    What's after birth

    • Managing wounds
    • Understanding emotional changes
    • Strengthening pelvic floor muscles

    Understanding your baby

    • Common characteristics of a newborn

    Ensuring newborn safety

    • Swaddling baby
    • Burping baby
    • Managing choking baby

    Session 2: Practical Steps to a Positive Breastfeeding Experience

    Instructor: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital IBLC Lactation Consultants

    10 Steps towards successful breastfeeding

    • Skin to skin benefits
    • Rooming in and responding to baby cues
    • Breastfeeding positions
    • Having the correct latch
    • Why and when baby will need supplements

    Breastfeeding 6 months and beyond

    • Back to work
    • Milk expression and milk storage

    Challenges to breastfeeding

    • Increasing breast milk supply
    • Prevention of sore nipples
    • Relief of engorgement / oversupply
    • Prevention of blocked milk ducts
    • Coping with baby's cries
    • When do you wake a sleeping baby

    Baby hygiene

    • Baby bath and diaper change
    • Care of baby's eyes
    • Care of umbilical cord

    • Classes are conducted in English.
    • All classes are held at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, 38 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore 329563
    • Light refreshments are provided. Do inform us if you are a vegetarian and/or have any food allergies.
    • Charges are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax..
    • To sign up, please contact 6933 0940/1 during office hours.
    • Refunds and replacement sessions are not permitted regardless of reasons.
    • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s Parentcraft Centre reserves the right to reschedule classes due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Speak to our Mount Elizabeth Novena Lactation Consultants at +65 6933 0940 to find out more about our antenatal programme.

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