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Dr Lim Tai Tian

Dr Lim Tai Tian
Dr Lim Tai Tian
  • Dr T T Lim Cardiology Clinic

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    290 Orchard Road #17-10
    Singapore 238859

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  • Chuyên khoa /Quan tâm chính

    • Tim
  • Bằng cấp

    • Master of Medicine
    • Doctor of Medicine
    • Certified Specialist Internal Medicine R.N.M.A, The Netherlands
    • Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (Cardiology)
  • Ngôn ngữ

    • Tiếng Anh

Trình độ

  • Dr Lim Tai Tian is a cardiologist accredited at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals and Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore.
  • He can perform procedures such as coronary angiogram catherisation, coronary angioplasty and stenting, rotablator, intravascular ultrasound study (IVUS) and cardioversion.
  • He was a former consultant cardiologist in the cardiac department at the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore. He has also served as a cardiologist and visiting consultant at the National Heart Centre (NHC).
  • He is a visiting consultant to Jerduong Park Medical Centre in Brunei, and member of the scientific advisory board at ClinQuest. Inc.
  • He was a senior lecturer at the National University of Singapore from 1996 – 2000.
  • During his time at NUS and NHC, he was the local principal investigator for a number of international multicentre clinical trials for medical devices and new drugs. His experimental work was in stent coatings for sustained drug release, which resulted in a number of patents.
  • Dr Lim is still involved in drug delivery systems, one of which is in clinical trials in humans in Europe.

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