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Dr Tan Hee Hon

Dr Tan Hee Hon
Dr Tan Hee Hon
  • Tan Hee Hon Prosthodontics and Orafacial Pain Clinic

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    3 Mount Elizabeth #06-10
    Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
    Singapore 228510

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    6238 6881
  • Chuyên khoa /Quan tâm chính

    • Nha khoa – Phục hình răng miệng
  • Bằng cấp

    • BDS 1989,
    • FRACDS 1993,
    • MDS 1995
  • Ngôn ngữ

    • Teochew
    • Tiếng Anh
    • Tiếng Hoa
    • Tiếng Malay/Inđô
    • Tiếng Phúc Kiến

Trình độ

  • For more than fifteen years, Dr. Tan Hee Hon has been a practitioner in the fields of Prosthodontics, Esthetic and Implant Dentistry. During this time, he has lectured extensively and has educated dentists and prosthodontist in Singapore and Asia. Dr. Tan is recognized as a specialist in Orofacial Pain and has contributed to the International Consortium for the Study of TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) using RDC (Research Diagnostic Criteria).
  • Dr. Tan Hee Hon earned his BDS from National University of Singapore in 1989, and then served in the Military Service as a Staff Officer at Dental Branch, Headquarter Medical Services and Dental Officer, School of Basic Military Training. He passed the entry examination for the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS) in 1993. He continued to pursue graduate training in Prosthodontics at National University of Singapore under the sponsorship of Health Manpower Development Program and completed his residency program in 1995. For the next five years, Dr. Tan remained involved at National Dental Center as a clinician and part-time clinical teacher and visiting specialist at the Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore.
  • In 1999, Dr Tan, spent a sabbatical year under another sponsorship of Health Manpower Development Program for the Study of Orofacial Pain. After working at the Oral Medicine Department, School of Dentistry, University of Washington, he returned to National Dental Center and became the Head of Orofacial Pain Management Program. His enthusiasm for the research of Orofacial Pain prompts him to translate TMD/RDC, (The Study of Temporomandibular Disorder using Research Diagnostic Criteria) into Chinese.
  • Dr. Tan maintains his passion for education. His lecture topics including implant dentistry, advanced restorative dentistry, esthetic excellence and orofacial pain/temporomandibular disorder. He is appointed to be a trainer for NobelGuide Concept and Mentor for NobelBiocare Implants educational program. Since 2004, he is in private practice at Mount Elizabeth Medical Center and had developed a team of personnel to provide educational seminar for dentist and their staff. The team is also involved in public education for Oral Health.