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Dr Lim Kian Peng

Dr Lim Kian Peng
Dr Lim Kian Peng
  • K P Lim Gastro & Medical Clinic

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    • MBBS
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    • FAMS (Gastroenterology)
    • FACG
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Trình độ

  • Dr Lim Kian Peng is a Gastroenterologist at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. He was previously a Senior Lecturer (Department of Medicine) at the National University of Singapore, a Consultant Physician at the Singapore General Hospital and a Visiting Consultant to the Ministry of Health.
  • He received his MBBS (1974) and Master of Medicine in Internal Medicine (1977) from the University of Singapore and is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (1981), the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (1981) and the American College of Gastroenterology (1984).
  • Dr Lim has been in private practice since 1983 and appointed as a Medical Expert for the Subordinate Court's Medication Panel, Primary Dispute Resolution Centre, since 2003. Further to that, he has been a Mentor for medical students at the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Singapore since 2005.
  • Dr Lim is an Assessor for On-Site Assessment of Technical Skills for Gastroenterology advanced specialist trainees and a Medical Consultant/Advisor to St Luke's Hospital, Ling Kwang Home for the Aged, Overseas Medical Fellowship, Youth for Chirst, World Vision, Singapore Bible College and Trinity Bible College.
  • Dr Lim has been a Founding Member of the Asia-Pacific Association for study of Liver since 1978, a Member of the International Association for the study of the Liver since 1980 and was formerly an Honorary Secretary of the Gastroenterology Society of Singapore.
  • Dr Lim has written publications on diagnostic and therapeutic G.I.endoscopy, HSA-Ag status in peptic ulcer diseases, hepatoma and hepatitis and fulminant hepatic failure.

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