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What could be causing your back pain?

Standing still (Commuting/waiting for someone)

Slouching compresses your spine, leading to anatomical changes that may constrict blood vessels and nerves. It also stresses the muscles and joints in your back.

Using your mobile phone

When looking down at your phone, whether standing or sitting, your neck is bent forward and has to support the full weight of your head. This puts additional stress on the neck and spine.

Working in the office

Improper posture at your desk can cause pain and long-term injury to your back and spine. Your spine has a natural curve, and a bad posture compresses it unnecessarily.

Lifting heavy objects

A study found that 19% of patients with back pain work in the transport and storage sector. This is possibly because wrong techniques – like bending over to pick up heavy objects – will put stress to the joints and muscles.

How can you protect your back?

To keep your spine happy and healthy, be sure to do these 3 things:

  • Keep a correct posture
  • Change positions
  • Stretch regularly

What can you do for back pain?

Lower back pain affects a majority of Singaporeans. Prompt diagnosis is important to prevent any long term injury. Consult an orthopaedic specialist to understand what’s causing your pain, and the treatment options available.


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