Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

About Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital is the latest addition to the Mount Elizabeth health network. Recognised for our high clinical standards as well as consistent medical innovations and technology, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital:

  • Features more than 250 specialist physician suites
  • Provides tertiary medical treatments in the comfort of all modern single bedded rooms

As a patient at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, you can enjoy an enhanced hospital experience with quality healthcare within easy reach. This tastefully styled hospital is designed to deliver a sterling patient experience at every touchpoint.

Exemplifying Singapore's reputation for quality medical services, our hospital upholds rigorous standards and operates in alignment with industry best practices. Learn more about our awards and milestones.

Featured medical and health services

Returning our patients back to health is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we integrate sophisticated medical technologies and innovative therapies to customise treatment plans for our patients.

Hybrid operating theatre

Purpose-built with a range of sophisticated medical equipment and imaging systems, our hybrid operating theatre is designed to expand the capabilities of surgeons from multiple disciplines to perform complex surgeries.

Robotic surgical systems

Robot-assisted, minimally invasive technologies allow our trained surgeons to bypass traditional open surgeries to deliver safer, better outcomes for patients. With robotic surgical systems, our surgeons can perform delicate and complex operations with greater accuracy and control for a wide range of medical conditions.

Proton beam therapy

Cancer therapy takes a big step forward with proton therapy now available at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. A form of radiotherapy, proton therapy allows doctors to effectively target tumours while limiting damage to the healthy tissue surrounding it.


Our radiotherapy services leverage progressive medical technologies such as proton beam therapy and Gamma Knife surgery as part of innovative cancer treatments for our oncology patients.

Water vapour therapy

For patients experiencing sexual dysfunction from an enlarged prostate, water vapour therapy, an innovative and minimally invasive treatment that utilises thermal energy in water vapour, delivers symptom relief and restores quality of life.

Breast care centres

Mount Elizabeth's breast care centres deliver smooth, fuss-free experiences in a comfortable environment, including a designated waiting area for female patients only. If abnormalities are picked up during your screening, you will be referred to our breast specialists for consultation and treatment where necessary.

Our centres are located within the radiologic clinics at both Mount Elizabeth and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Walk-ins for mammogram screening and further assessment of mammogram results are accepted.

To book an appointment, call Parkway Radiology at +65 6388 4333 or email

Hospital wards and rooms

Patients who stay at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital know that the environment in our wards is ideal for recovery and healing. Our range of tastefully-designed private rooms is outfitted with amenities to meet different needs and comfort levels.

Find out more about our hospital wards and rooms.

Select your preferred room

Choose from a wide range of hospital rooms to meet your budget, preferred style and level of comfort. Browse and compare our hospital rooms from the comfort of your home.

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Maternity packages

If you are a mum-to-be looking for the perfect ambience to welcome your bundle of joy, check out Mount Elizabeth Novena's maternity packages which have been carefully planned to suit your every need.

Hospital facilities

Beyond the comfort of our private wards, we have a full suite of hospital facilities equipped to meet your treatment and recovery needs.

In-patient wards & emergency services

Clinical treatment facilities

Heart health

A healthy heart is essential to overall good health. That's why we treat your heart health seriously here. Maintain a healthy heart with our cardiac screening programme or access the full spectrum of cardiology care from our cardiovascular experts.

Learn more about heart health

Bone health

Strong and healthy bones allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle well into your later years. Whether you are an athlete trying to keep sports injuries at bay or a mature adult bothered by aches and pains, we have a team of orthopaedic surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists ready to get you up and moving again.

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Cancer care

With the right cancer treatment and an experienced oncology team, many patients can look forward to more positive outcomes and survival rates. Besides early detection through cancer screening, we also provide a suite of cancer treatments for our patients, aided by an array of innovative therapies and medical technologies.

Learn more about cancer care