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Cardiology (Heart)

Cardiology is a specialty that covers the diagnosis, treatment and management of heart conditions....

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic surgery specialises in the surgical treatment of diseases affecting organs inside the chest....


Endocrinology is a medical specialty that studies and treats hormone-related medical conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid disorders....

Gastroenterology (Stomach & Digestive System)

Gastroenterology specialises in the health of the digestive system or the gastrointestinal (GI) tract....

General Surgery

General surgery is a specialty that covers a wide range of procedures, including those performed on the breast, colon, liver, gall bladder and stomach....


Haematology is a medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and management of blood disorders....

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery involves surgical treatments for conditions involving the wrist, hand and upper extremities (forearm)....

Infectious Diseases

Infectious disease is a medical specialty dealing with the diagnosis and medical treatment of infections in patients....

Neurology (Brain & Nerves)

Neurology is a medical area of specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the brain, nervous system and spinal cord....

Neurosurgery (Brain & Nerves)

Neurosurgery is the surgical treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord and the nervous system....

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