Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore

About Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Hospital is a respected healthcare institution in the region for our comprehensive range of medical care and depth of clinical expertise.

Situated in Orchard road, our well-equipped private hospital and medical centre:

  • Offer services from a large concentration of medical specialists
  • Have received the Singapore Quality Class certification
  • Provide extensive clinical facilities with 345 beds

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Featured medical and health services

Restoring patients back to good health is central to what we do at Mount Elizabeth. That's why our doctors leverage innovations in medical technology and diagnostic tools to deliver optimal clinical outcomes for you.


The TomoTherapy system is the next-generation platform of cancer treatment technology. It takes a 360-degree approach in delivering targeted, customised and exact radiation dosages to tumours.

Robotic surgical systems

Robotic surgical systems provides our surgeons with accuracy, dexterity and control during minimally invasive procedures. This makes it ideal for the treatment of gynaecological conditions and the removal of cancerous tissue.

Hospital wards and rooms

Experience authentic care in a facility planned around your needs. Our hospital wards and rooms at Mount Elizabeth promise privacy for patients. Each room is furnished with a quiet elegance to promote rest and healing.

Select your preferred room

Choose from a wide range of hospital rooms to meet your budget, preferred style and level of comfort. Browse and compare our hospital rooms from the comfort of your home.

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Maternity packages

If you are an expectant mum looking for the perfect ambience to welcome your little one, find out more about our maternity packages specially tailored to meet you and your newborn's needs.

Hospital facilities

Besides our private wards, we are also equipped with the following hospital facilities to ensure your well-being and recovery:

In-patient wards & emergency services

Clinical treatment facilities


Having a transplant is major surgery, which is why it is crucial to have the right team of experts from a variety of specialties working together to deliver a successful operation. Here at our hospital, we have accumulated years of experience in transplant procedures and post-operative rehabilitation care.

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Heart health

A strong heart starts with a healthy lifestyle. With the right guidance and treatment from our dedicated team of heart specialists, counsellors and therapists, you can lower your risk of heart diseases and stay in optimal cardiac health.

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Bone health

Take the right steps to protect your bone health, and your body will function and move well into your golden years. Our team of orthopaedic surgeons will help you to identify pain and treat any injuries or other bone diseases promptly.

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Cancer care

With the right cancer treatment and an experienced oncology team, many patients can look forward to more positive outcomes and survival rates. Besides early detection through cancer screening, we also provide a suite of cancer treatments for our patients, aided by an array of innovative therapies and medical technologies.

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