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About Mount Elizabeth Hospitals

Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital are members of IHH Healthcare, the world's second-largest hospital group.

Mount Elizabeth Hospitals

We are a medical icon in the Asia-Pacific region

For more than 40 years, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals have served the Asia-Pacific as a medical hub, earning the trust of patients from all over the region with our strategic pairing of medical talents with up-to-date technology.

Locations of Mount Elizabeth Hospitals

Access our wide spectrum of medical services from 2 locations in the heart of Singapore:

Expertise You Can Trust

Providing medical expertise you can trust

Staffed by a large team of healthcare professionals and a diverse mix of medical specialists, Mount Elizabeth is well-recognised internationally for its healthcare and organisational excellence. Learn more about our achievements and milestones.

Your Care and Comfort Come First

Your health and comfort come first

Whether you are welcoming a new bundle of joy or seeking medical treatment, we offer personalised attention to each patient.

Enjoy a restful stay at your preferred hospital wards and rooms and let our room facilities and services enhance your experience. We know comfort is the first step to recovery.

Technology and Facilities Make It Possible

Supported through our medical technologies and facilities

We continuously invest in our medical technology and hospital facilities.

Technology-assisted medical treatments such as robotic surgery and minimally invasive surgery enable us to deliver significantly improved health outcomes for you.

About IHH Healthcare

IHH Healthcare has a global network of 80 hospitals and ancillary services in 10 countries, with widely recognised brands across the world.

As a patient at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, you enjoy easy access to a full spectrum of integrated healthcare services under the IHH Healthcare ecosystem.

Our healthcare services

Mount Elizabeth Hospitals provide a comprehensive range of clinical specialties to meet the needs of patients requiring secondary and tertiary medical care across Singapore and the region.

Parkway Shenton is Singapore’s leading primary healthcare provider, with a network of clinics and health screening facilities that are located conveniently island-wide.

Parkway Radiology and Parkway Laboratories offer a full suite of diagnostic and health screening services, from X-rays to tests for COVID-19.

Parkway Cancer Centre delivers holistic care to each cancer patient using modern technology and personalised cancer therapy to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Parkway Rehab, Parkway Emergency and Parkway College provide educational and medical services to complement IHH's holistic healthcare network.

Together, our IHH Healthcare brands care for your health to help you maintain the lifestyle you desire.