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Robotic Thyroid Surgery

  • Understanding the procedure

    Robotic Thyroid Surgery

    Robotic Thyroid Surgery, also known as Robotic Thyroidectomy, is a minimally invasive procedure that involves removing a part of or your entire thyroid gland with the assistance of the intuitive da Vinci® Surgical System. In contrast to conventional open surgery that requires a larger incision in the neck to reach the thyroid gland, this robotic procedure involves making a small incision in your armpit to access the thyroid gland.

    Our experienced specialists control the da Vinci® surgical system which consists of an ergonomically designed surgeon’s console, a patient cart with four articulate robotic arms, a patented EndoWrist tool and a high-performance vision system. It allows your surgeon to remove affected parts of your thyroid or the entire gland with high accuracy and dexterity, using a forceps-like master control, and viewing highly magnified 3D images of the interior of your body.

  • Robotics Thyroidectomy Surgery is the recommended treatment for a variety of Thyroid conditions including:

    • Thyroid Nodules (benign and malignant)
    • Goitres (enlarged Thyroid Gland)
    • Hyperthyroidism (overactive Thyroid)
    • No visible scars on your neck
    • Reduced chances of anterior (front) neck numbness
    • Reduced risk of affected parathyroid gland (small endocrine glands in your neck that controls calcium levels in your bones and blood)
    • Reduced chances of laryngeal nerve damage
  • Your goal of getting swift, accurate and effective treatment is our strength. Our skilled team of specialists and staff operate at Mount Elizabeth Orchard and Mount Elizabeth Novena – both award-winning hospitals with advanced technology and modern facilities. Take your first step towards better health today, and experience the high-quality, customised healthcare that has made us one of the leading medical institutions in Asia-Pacific.

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