Laparoscopic Liver Resection

What is laparoscopic liver resection?

Laparoscopic liver resection is a minimally invasive procedure to remove benign tumours and cysts in the liver, or cancerous liver tumours such as hepatocellular carcinoma.

In comparison to an open procedure, the laparoscopic method can efficiently and safely remove a liver mass using smaller incisions, allowing for quicker recovery and better cosmetic results for patients.

How it works

Laparoscopic liver resection uses a camera-like tool called a laparoscope. It allows a surgeon to view and guide instruments to remove the parts of the liver affected by medical conditions like benign and malignant liver tumours.

Why do you need laparoscopic liver resection?

The aim of a liver resection is to remove benign or cancerous masses found in the liver.

A laparoscopic approach to liver resection is sometimes preferred over an open one as it may be more cost-effective and has less downtime, resulting in faster recovery for the patient.

Liver resection scars

The benefits of laparoscopic liver resection also includes less scarring and pain as compared to an open surgery, as smaller incisions (usually around 4 – 6) will be made during the procedure.

Who should not undergo laparoscopic liver resection?

Laparoscopic liver resection is not suitable in patients who cannot tolerate the increased abdominal pressure needed during the laparoscopic surgery, or in situations where there is a higher chance of cancer being left behind.

In some cases, it may not be technically feasible or safe for the patient, and open surgery may be preferred.

What are the risks and complications of laparoscopic liver resection?

The risks of laparoscopic liver resection include:

  • Some blood loss during the surgery, with low likelihood of blood replacement
  • Bruising on the skin site where incisions are made
  • Infection of the wound which can be managed by antibiotics post-surgery

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