Golfer's Elbow - Diagnosis & Treatment

How is golfer's elbow diagnosed?

Your doctor will conduct a physical examination and ask about your daily activities. An X-ray may also be recommended to confirm the diagnosis and exclude other associated injuries.

How is golfer's elbow treated?

Treatment may begin with home-based therapy and medication to relieve the symptoms. This includes:

  • Rest
  • Stretching of the forearm
  • Use of a brace for support
  • Application of ice or a cold compress to the elbow and inner part of the forearm
  • Medication to relieve pain and inflammation

As the pain subsides, you may gradually resume normal activity and perform simple exercises to help strengthen the arm.

Non-surgical treatment

If you have persistent pain that does not respond well to home-based therapy, your doctor may recommend corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation.

Another form of treatment is plasma-rich protein injections, which are used to boost the healing process.

Surgical treatment

Most people recover without the need for surgery. However, in rare cases, surgery may be advised.

The procedure may involve the removal of damaged tissue, build-up of scar tissue, or extra bone which may be pressing on the tendon.

Depending on the type of treatment and need for surgery, recovery time ranges from 4 weeks – 6 months or more for severe cases.

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