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Every living-donor transplant is a precious, life-saving event that can significantly transform the lives of recipients and donors.

At Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, we are committed to providing exceptional transplant care and medical expertise to support patients and their families in the management of end-stage organ failure. We are also dedicated to supporting families through the medical and administrative complexities of preparing for a living donor transplantation.

Transplant experience you can trust

At Mount Elizabeth, we have earned a reputation for delivering consistent and quality transplant care worldwide, earning us the title of Transplant Service Provider of the Year in the Asia-Pacific at the APAC Healthcare and Medical Tourism Awards in 2021 and 2022.

Since 1993, many liver and kidney transplant recipients and donors from Singapore and countries worldwide including India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar have benefited greatly from our expertise in transplant management.

As an established healthcare brand offering transplant care for years, our doctors at Mount Elizabeth have witnessed living donor transplantation evolve from an experimental procedure to become an established medical treatment with proven results in improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Our internationally-trained and compassionate liver and kidney care teams are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive transplant care and helping more patients live longer and better lives.

Our transplant expertise includes:

Patients at Mount Elizabeth can entrust themselves to our qualified and multidisciplinary liver and kidney transplant teams, which comprise professionals from diverse medical specialties, ready to help you through this complex and demanding procedure.

From the rigorous pre-transplant evaluations for both donor and recipient to the close monitoring post-surgery, you can expect attentive guidance at every step. Transplant coordinators, dietitians and allied healthcare team members will continue to offer advice in the months following the operation.

Transplantation is a life-changing procedure, and we are here to support you in every step of the way.

Learn more about your kidney transplant and liver transplant journey with us and our dedicated care teams in Singapore.

You can also call us for more information:

  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital Patient Assistance Centre: +65 6250 0000
  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Patient Assistance Centre: +65 6898 6898
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