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  • Overview

    Our specialised team can cater to the full spectrum of digestive conditions

    Mount Elizabeth unites gastroenterology, hepatology, colorectal and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery together with nutrition within one unique, fully integrated model of care, aimed at optimising the patient experience.

    Our specialised team of more than 20 highly skilled, veteran gastroenterologists are supported by modern technology, world-class facilities and a dedicated team of nurses to cater effectively to the full spectrum of problems of the digestive system.

    Find out if you are covered by your integrated shield plan for procedures at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals.

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  • Managing Treatment Costs

    Managing costs with integrated shield plan

    Our specialists believe in getting your diagnosis right the first time. With powerful imaging technology delivered directly to the relevant part of the digestive tract, your doctor is able to view real-time high-definition images to make the right diagnosis the first time and determine the best course of treatment for you.

    Diagnostic Endoscopy

    Estimated Hospital Charges 50th percentile 80th percentile
    Diagnostic Colonoscopy $597.98 $820.67
    Upper GI Endoscopy $669.06 $888.14

    *Prices do not include doctor's charges. 

    With an integrated shield plan (IP), you may be fully covered for the above procedures at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals.

    Check your health coverage today by calling +65 6812 3776 , or by sending an email to askme@parkwaypantai.com with the subject header 'Using IP for Colonoscopy/Gastroscopy'.

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  • Take Action

    Take action with therapeutic endoscopy

    The broad nature of gastroenterological conditions demands for a wide range of medical solutions using advanced surgical methods and technology. Depending on your condition, your surgeon may be able to provide treatment like removing polyps (non-cancerous growths) from the colon during the diagnostic process itself, or may reschedule a further endoscopic procedure to perform the required operation at a later date.

    Therapeutic Endoscopy

  • Heal with Confidence

    Heal with confidence with our post-operative care programmes

    While you recuperate after treatment, any specimens removed from your digestive tract will be sent for laboratory testing so that your doctor can plan further treatment, if required.

    Our post-operative care programmes are tailored to include dietary counselling and health education so that you can manage your recovery effectively from home. This is part of our commitment to improve your quality of life and possibly lower the risk of future hospital stays.