We are pleased to announce that Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre is now open at our new location at The Heeren.
Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre

Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre


Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre (MEFC) is an established fertility treatment facility in the region. Through our commitment to our MEFC philosophy and the efforts of our team of skilled specialists, we have been providing comprehensive care with expertise in modern fertility technologies and protocols. We are proud of what we have achieved in IVF treatment.

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Our experience

We have been offering fertility services since 1988 and have assisted thousands of patients, both local and international, to achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre is located at The Heeren, which is conveniently situated within 600 meters of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, an established tertiary hospital brand that has earned a reputation for its expertise in treating complex medical conditions in patients all across the region.

Our philosophy

The MEFC philosophy is to treat all patients with the goal to succeed.

After discussing your personal history and performing tests to investigate FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) levels, we will advise you on your individual chances of success.

Our treatment methods will vary based on factors such as age, markers of low ovarian reserve/low responders (such as FSH and AMH levels) and previous treatment history.

We accept patients with a low likelihood of success, such as low responders or older women. We have built a reputation for helping patients who have been declined fertility treatment or have not had success in other fertility centres to optimise their chances of achieving their hope of parenthood.

Our dedicated team

With a team of dedicated specialists, nurses, embryologists, medical technician and counsellors, we give personalised attention to each patient.

Our doctors, nurses and chief embryologist are contactable 24/7, including after office hours and at night.

Meet our team

Your IVF journey at Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre

Learn about in vitro fertilisation (IVF) at MEFC and the steps you can expect to take during the process.

Our Locations
Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre @ The Heeren

Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre @ The Heeren


260 Orchard Rd #05-01, The Heeren
Singapore 238855

Main line:

+65 6731 2693



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