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CNY Calorie Guide: How Much Exercise to Burn Off a Pineapple Tart?

Last updated: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 | 5 min reading time

cny calorie guide

Before you reach for your 8th pineapple tart, you might want to consider how many calories it contains. Here’s the calorie count of 10 favourite Chinese New Year snacks, and how much exercise you need to burn them off later.

#1 Nian gao – 482kcal per serving

10,700 steps or 60min of aerobics

#2 Bak kwa – 179kcal per piece

3,800 steps or 30min of playing badminton

#3 Peanuts – 170kcal per bowl (30g)

3,800 steps or 45min of walking

#4 Kueh lapis – 157kcal per piece

3,500 steps or 45min of playing soccer

#5 Love letters – 112kcal per piece

2,500 steps or 15min of playing basketball

#6 Cornflake cookie – 82.8kcal per piece

1800 steps or 20min of doing household chores

#7 Pineapple tart – 82kcal per piece

1800 steps or 15 minutes of dancing

#8 Kueh bahulu – 40kcal per piece

900 steps or 10min of playing table tennis

#9 Kueh bankit – 23kcal per piece

500 steps or 10min of carrying groceries

#10 Mini dried shrimp roll – 22kcal per piece

500 steps or 5min of cycling

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