Parkway Cancer Centre


Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) delivers cancer expertise and dedicated care to patients in Singapore.

Helmed by experienced oncologists and supported by a team of nurses, counsellors and paramedical staff, they deliver a holistic suite of cancer treatments and services under one roof.

PCC closely tracks the evolving medical landscape of cancer care and research. The team harnesses modern medical technologies, innovative cancer therapies and evidence-based treatments to achieve optimal outcomes for patients.

Parkway Cancer Centre's experience

Founded in 2006, PCC is a one-stop medical centre for cancer patients. Patients have access to a comprehensive suite of clinical services, from cancer screening and diagnosis to treatment and palliative care.

Parkway Cancer Centre operates from:

  1. Mount Elizabeth Hospital
  2. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
  3. Gleneagles Hospital

Run by qualified healthcare professionals, our hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the recognised global leader in healthcare management.

Parkway Cancer Centre's philosophy

PCC takes a patient-first approach to medical care, integrating cancer services with a human touch.

You will have an entire support team — CanHOPE — behind you as you move from diagnosis to treatment. The team will coordinate with your doctors and relevant allied health professionals to help you make informed decisions at every step of your cancer treatment journey.

PCC knows the battle against cancer can be tough. That is why they have committed themselves to bring hope to cancer patients, delivered through good medical care, with a generous dose of compassion.