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Bladeless Femtosecond Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery

  • Understanding the Procedure

    Mount Elizabeth, Bladeless Cataract Surgery

    Cataract surgery is one of the most common medical procedures performed worldwide. In Singapore, over 30,000 cases were carried out in 2015. Even before the introduction of laser-assisted cataract surgery, it is considered a safe procedure with a high success rate of well above 90%.

    Mount Elizabeth Hospital is equipped with an advanced laser system that now allows cataract surgery to be bladeless. This system provides real-time 3D views of the patient’s eye, allowing surgeons to adjust the parameters before and during the procedure, making cataract surgery even safer.

    It uses laser to make the corneal incision which allows for greater control over the shape and size of the incision. And it is capable of consistently producing well-centred and optimally-sized openings of the capsule of the natural lens to allow the removal of the cataract lens and replacement with an artificial lens implant. Also, with the assistance of the laser, less ultrasound energy is required to break up the lens. Furthermore, it is better able to more accurately position the lens implant for potentially better visual outcome for the patient.

    This cataract surgery technique using laser can be performed for most patients who have pupils that dilate well. However, it may be indicated especially for particularly complicated cases, such as when the cataract is advanced, when the cornea is weak or when the lens is unstable.

    Information kindly provided by Dr Chua Wei Han. Read more about laser-assisted cataract surgery by Dr Chua.

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