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Donor’s Criteria

The potential donor needs to understand all aspects of the donation process, as well as the risks involved in being a living donor.

Informed consent for living donor:

  • The donor can be a first or second-degree relative of the recipient (parent, sibling, or spouse).
  • A donor who is emotionally related to the patient may be considered.
  • Donor aged between 18 to 20 years may be considered if he/she is an immediate family member of the recipient.
  • The donor must be willing to donate without any force or pressure.
  • Disclosure that the donor is not receiving any price (monetary or material gain) for the donation. The donor can be reimbursed for travel expenses and a working donor may be compensated for any income lost.
  • A psychological assessment of the potential donor.
  • Donor can’t be involved in organ trafficking as it is illegal in Singapore.
  • Donor must fully understand the donation procedure including the surgical method of kidney removal, the risks involved, and the need for future long-term medical follow-ups for his/her remaining kidney.
  • A full understanding from the donor that he/she won’t be receiving any medical advantages from the donation procedure.
  • Disclosure that the Transplant Centre will report living donor follow up information when required for at least 2 years after the kidney transplantation.