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Syngeneic Transplant

  • What is a Syngeneic Transplant?

    A syngeneic transplant is a special type of allogeneic transplant in which the donor is an identical twin. This means that the donor and the recipient have identical tissue types. This type of stem cell transplant is rare as identical twins are not very common. If you have an identical twin, their stem cells will be used to treat your leukaemia or other blood disorders you may have.

  • The syngeneic stem cell transplant uses the stem cells from your identical twin to replace your abnormal bone marrow. Before the stem cells transplant, you will receive high doses of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or both, to destroy all of your cancer cells as well as the normal blood cells in your bone marrow. You will then receive the new stem cells, which are healthy and free of cancer cells and will produce their own immune cells. These immune cells will therefore help fight any cancer cells remaining after treatment. If more stem cells are needed, your identical twin will be recalled. In addition, in this type of transplant, the graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), in which the transplanted cells attack your body cells, is not a risk because of the identical tissue types of your donor and yours.


    • Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) will not be an issue as donor’s tissue type matches 100% with recipient.


    • This type of transplant will not destroy the cancer cells as both newly infused stem cells are identical to patient’s own cells.
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