Paediatrics (Children) - Overview

What is paediatrics?

Paediatrics is a specialty dedicated to the medical, surgical and rehabilitative care of infants, children and adolescents. It includes the care of health conditions that children might face growing up such as:

Our approach

Based on your child's unique needs, our team of specialists and nurses at Mount Elizabeth will treat and care for every child as an individual.

Our hospital uses up-to-date technology to offer medical treatment in:

  • Newborn intensive care
  • General paediatrics
  • Behavioural medicine

We also include physical, mental and psychological development into the individual care of your child to set a strong foundation for their healthy growth.

Why choose Mount Elizabeth Hospitals?

Located in the heart of Singapore across prime locations in Orchard and Novena, Mount Elizabeth is a trusted and award-winning name in medical care with modern technology and facilities.

Our team of paediatricians is experienced in treating a wide range of infant, childhood and adolescent conditions from diagnosis to recovery and management. Your child will receive and embark on an appropriate course of treatment based on their individual needs.

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