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How we keep our hospitals safe

Following the post-circuit breaker period in Singapore, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals have resumed all healthcare services. If you or your family members require treatment for a medical condition, make an appointment with a specialist or visit our 24-hour A&E clinics.

At Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, your health is our biggest priority. Rest assured we have implemented measures to safeguard the health of our patients, visitors and staff.

Learn more about our safety measures below:

Safety measures at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals
  1. Hand sanitisers are available at all lift lobbies and wards
  2. Public spaces and high-touch areas are sanitised regularly
  3. Dedicated air-conditioners so air does not circulate from other parts of the hospital
  4. Disposable cloths and mops are used to clean each room to prevent cross contamination
  5. Our staff follow stringent safety protocols
  6. All visitors are required to undergo strict screening
  7. With an average wait time of 30 minutes at the A&E department, your risk of exposure is limited
  8. Social distancing guidelines are maintained in the hospitals

In addition:

Visitor restrictions

All inpatients may receive visits from up to 5 persons per day. A maximum of 2 visitors are allowed at a time. Patients at outpatient clinics are only allowed 1 visitor or accompanying person at any one time. Read the latest visitor and patient advisory.

Management of COVID-19 patients

To mitigate any risks of virus transmission, there are safety protocols in place for the management of suspect or confirmed COVID-19 cases in our hospitals.

These include dedicated routes of transfer within our hospitals which have been carefully planned, with no chance of external contact with the public. These areas are cleaned and sanitised after each transfer of a confirmed COVID-19 patient. The ventilation systems in these wards are also self-contained, eliminating any chance of virus transmission.

We have a dedicated team to look after the needs of these patients, and their responsibilities are limited to their assigned ward throughout the course of their shift. These colleagues are also equipped with, and are required, to put on all the necessary personal protection equipment during the course of their work. As a precautionary measure, food is also served in disposable containers with single-use utensils.

All COVID-19 patients are not allowed to leave their ward. Neither are they allowed any visitors.

Our hospital lifts do not open at the floors where our COVID-19 patients are recovering at, and we have security officers stationed round-the-clock to ensure privacy and prevent any public access.

Workplace safety

Our hospitals, clinics and corporate offices will be ensuring compliance with the Safe Management Measures issued by the Ministry of Health following the circuit breaker period.

All staff will be required to check in to their workplace via TraceTogether-Only SafeEntry for contact tracing purposes. They are also required to wear masks, and if necessary, other personal protective equipment at all times, except during activities that require masks to be removed (eg. mealtimes).