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How we keep our hospitals safe

It was recently reported that a laboratory has issued false positive COVID-19 test results due to a ‘calibration’ issue. We would like to clarify that Parkway Laboratory Services is NOT the affected laboratory, and our COVID-19 testing is ongoing. We appreciate all laboratories contributing towards the national COVID-19 testing effort. Please kindly refrain from sharing unverified information.

To help curb the community spread of COVID-19 in Singapore, let us stand united and Beat COVID with M.E. by staying home to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe.

In response to the pandemic, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals have also put in place the following measures to ensure the safety and health of all our patients, visitors and staff.

As the situation is fluid, we will regularly review our protocols and amplify our efforts where necessary. Thank you for your support during these challenging times, and we hope you stay safe, and stay healthy.

Visitor registration

All visitors must fill up a visitor registration form before being allowed entry into our hospital and medical centre premises. They must also make a signed declaration for symptoms, travel history and contact information.

Temperature assessment

Our registration counters are located at our hospital and medical centre entry points. Thermal sensors at these locations will screen all patients, visitors and staff for indications of fever. When a person with a fever is detected, he or she will be escorted by our medical staff via a dedicated route to our Accident & Emergency (A&E) department, where they will be isolated and assessed further.

Visitor restrictions

All inpatients are NOT allowed to have visitors, except inpatients who fit prevailing Ministry of Health criteria. Patients at outpatient clinics are only allowed one visitor or accompanying person at any one time. Read the latest visitor and patient advisory.

Management of COVID-19 patients

To mitigate any risks of virus transmission, there are safety protocols in place for the management of suspect or confirmed COVID-19 cases in our hospitals.

These include dedicated routes of transfer within our hospitals which have been carefully planned, with no chance of external contact with the public. These areas are cleaned and sanitised after each transfer of a confirmed COVID-19 patient. The ventilation systems in these wards are also self-contained, eliminating any chance of virus transmission.

We have a dedicated team to look after the needs of these patients, and their responsibilities are limited to their assigned ward throughout the course of their shift. These colleagues are also equipped with, and are required, to put on all the necessary personal protection equipment during the course of their work. As a precautionary measure, food is also served in disposable containers with single-use utensils.

All COVID-19 patients are not allowed to leave their ward. Neither are they allowed any visitors.

Our hospital lifts do not open at the floors where our COVID-19 patients are recovering at, and we have security officers stationed round-the-clock to ensure privacy and prevent any public access.