Postnatal care

Postnatal Care

It is important to bond with your newborn in the days after your baby's arrival. That is why we have put together a suite of postnatal services under one roof so that you have more time to spend with your little one.

After-birth care

You can rely on our experienced team of nurses to care for you in the postnatal period, especially in breastfeeding, baby baths and newborn screenings.

Once you've delivered your baby, you can look forward to:

  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact with your baby.
  • Rooming in with your baby for at least 24 hours, to promote parent-child bonding.
  • 5 sumptuous and nutritious confinement meals daily, with complimentary meals for fathers.
  • 1 free lactation massage session and lactation counselling.
  • Breastfeeding support by trained nurses.
  • Nursery services.

Birth registration

You may register your baby online through the LifeSG app within 42 days of the child’s birth.

Upon successful registration, you will receive a notification to download your child’s digital birth certificate via the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website.


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As a new mum, you may experience physiological and emotional changes to your body and mind after birth. Some changes you can expect include:

  • Stretch marks
  • Weakened pelvic floor muscles
  • Post-pregnancy weight issues
  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • Anxiety over care and feeding of baby
  • Anxiety over changes in routines and lifestyle
  • Mood swings and negative feelings

After your discharge, the ward nurse will call you to follow up on your breastfeeding experience. During this call, you may clarify any questions you have on breastfeeding and infant nutrition.

Our lactation consultants can address your breastfeeding queries via our Outpatient Consultation service for our patients.

Breastfeeding queries that will be addressed include:

  1. Latching and positioning
  2. Low breastmilk supply
  3. Engorgement and blocked ducts

To learn about consultation fees and book an appointment, please contact us during our office hours using the hotlines provided below:

Our office hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm
  • Saturday: 8.30am – 1.30pm

Note: Our office is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Protect your newborn against illnesses through vaccinations. Discuss with your paediatrician to find out more about immunisations for your baby.

After delivery, a woman’s body needs time to heal before sexual intercourse. Talk to your doctor to know when it is safe for intercourse after giving birth.