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(Adj) Prof Kofidis Theodoros - Cardiothoracic Surgeon


(Adj) Prof Theodoros Kofidis is a cardiothoracic surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. His clinical expertise encompasses a wide range of traditional and less invasive, small-incision and...

1 Month Pregnant: First Trimester Questions to Ask at Gleneagles Hospital


Welcome to motherhood! We know it can feel exciting but daunting. Here are some useful tips to get you started and ready for your first prenatal visit at the O&G...

1 Month Pregnant: First Trimester Questions to Ask at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals


In the first month of our maternity journey series, we prep you for your first prenatal doctor visit so you know what to expect...

1 Month Pregnant: First Trimester Questions to Ask at Parkway East Hospital


There's so much to learn when it comes to having a new baby. Get started with these useful FAQs, and don't be shy to ask your doctor during your first prenantal visit...

10 COVID-19 Home Safety Tips for the Lunar New Year


It's the Lunar New Year! This means catching up with family and friends, sharing festive treats, and more. How can we stay safe, while keeping the festive mood alive? Read on to find out...

10 Common Food Choices for People with Fatty Liver Disease


Here are 10 food choices to help lower the risk of liver failure...

10 Common Heart Conditions in Singapore


What is CAD? Is a heart attack the same as a heart failure? What is arrhythmia? Here's a guide to everything you need to know about common heart conditions...

10 Conditions Linked to Stress


Tired? Irritable? Heart racing? Can't sleep? Feel sick? You could be stressed...

10 Foods That Are Surprisingly Rich in Vitamin C


Boost your immunity with these 10 good sources of vitamin C...

10 Frequently Asked Questions: ENT Disorders in Children


Dr David Lau, ENT specialist at Gleneagles Hospital, answers some questions about common paediatric ENT ailments like colds, flus, allergies, and more...

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