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Intrapartum Care (During Labour and Delivery)

  • What is an Intrapartum Care (During Labour and Delivery)?

    Intrapartum care is provided when your labour starts and you are ready to give birth. You will be directed to the delivery suite, where you will be looked after while you give birth. Your partner will be encouraged to be with you throughout your labour and during the birth of your baby. Once your baby arrives, you and your partner will be encouraged to bond with your newborn, and you will be helped to breastfeed your baby as soon as possible after birth.

  • Intrapartum care provides a safe environment for the processes of labour and birth. The unit is fully equipped with all the necessary medical equipment for the delivery. A foetal monitor by your bedside enables you to watch the foetus’s heartbeat, and the nurses can monitor both you and your foetus from inside and outside the room, so you can be assured of the highest standards of medical care. You will also have the option of pain relief during labour or of giving birth naturally in warm water.

    During your intrapartum care, there will be group education programmes in the areas of:

    • Bath demonstration
    • Baby care
    • Breastfeeding tips
    • Parental infant emotional support
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