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Our genetics team

Our skilled genetic doctors and genetic counsellors have a wealth of experience managing all aspects of genetic testing. Rest assured that you and your family's needs are their top priority, with empathy at the core of what they do.

Dr Lynette Ngo, Medical Director

Dr Ngo completed the Intensive Course in Cancer Risk Assessment at City of Hope Hospital in California, USA, from October 2017 to March 2018. She subsequently established the Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic and genetic counselling services at another private hospital. Dr Ngo works closely with the cancer genetics service team in our centre to provide cancer risk assessment and genetic testing for families at risk of hereditary cancers.

Dr Ngo’s areas of interest include general medical oncology, breast, gynaecological, hereditary cancers, genetic counselling, psychosocial oncology, and palliative medicine.

Learn more about Dr Ngo’s work with cancer patients, and her thoughts on the role and importance of clinical genetic testing.

Dr John Chia, Specialist in Genomic Health

Dr Chia specialises in hereditary cancer risk assessment and provides genetic testing for families with a heightened risk of hereditary cancers. The common conditions frequently observed in his clinic include hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndromes and hereditary non-polyposis cancer syndrome, also known as Lynch syndrome.

Dr Chia is a member of the Medical Advisory Board at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. His interests lie in ovarian, endometrial, cervical, breast, and colorectal cancers, including managing rare tumours such as melanoma, uterine sarcomas, and germ cell tumours.

Yanni Chen, Oncology Genetic Counsellor

Yanni received her master’s degree in Genetic Counselling from the University of Sydney and was practising at the National Cancer Centre Singapore before joining the team at our genetics centre. She has experience managing an array of patients diagnosed with hereditary cancer syndromes.

Tharisini Soorianarayanan, Genetic Counsellor

Tharisini received her master's degree in Genetic Counselling from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and trained with clinical geneticists at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital and UKM Medical Centre.

Deborah Kee, Genetic Counsellor

Deborah received her master’s degree in Genetic Counselling from the University of Sydney and practised at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital before joining the team at our genetics centre.