Mount Elizabeth Novena Centre for Genomic Health

Our Genetic Testing Edge

We offer 5 clinical genetic tests at our centre. Clinical genetic testing, also known as medical-grade genetic testing, involves a rigorous process that offers significant advantages over direct-to-consumer genetic testing, also known as commercial genetic testing. Learn more below.

How is clinical genetic testing different from direct-to-consumer genetic testing?

Direct-to-consumer (commercial) genetic testing is primarily used for non-clinical purposes, such as guiding your well-being, determining your ancestry, and learning about your countries of origin.

However, direct-to-consumer genetic testing is limited and not accurate enough to detect potential health problems and, therefore, cannot be used to make well-informed medical decisions.

Clinical (medical-grade) genetic testing, on the other hand, is more complex and is run and supervised by a certified clinician from start to finish – from the genetic counselling process and analysis of results to potential diagnosis. Compared to direct-to-consumer genetic testing, the primary purpose of clinical genetic testing is to assess your genetic background to uncover potential variations and mutations in the DNA.

This means that clinical genetic testing provides far more in-depth results and can give you a comprehensive overview of your genetic predisposition to certain diseases like cancer and heart disease and better guide you on the potential next steps you can take.

Why choose Mount Elizabeth?

At Mount Elizabeth Novena Centre for Genomic Health, we collaborate with local and international College of American Pathologists (CAP)-accredited laboratories to ensure the quality of testing and interpretation of results. Our genetic counsellors based in Singapore will be available to guide you face-to-face at every step of your genetic testing journey so you can make informed medical decisions you are comfortable with.

When you do your clinical genetic testing with Mount Elizabeth, you will also gain access to our large network of end-to-end medical care that includes specialists from various medical disciplines, including cardiology and oncology.

Cancer care at Mount Elizabeth

Follow-up care for cancer-related medical issues is seamless when you can access our large network of specialists and medical services. Let your genetic counsellor put you in touch with a medical oncologist of your choice for the personalised cancer care that you require. We have everything from cancer screening to diagnostics, a comprehensive suite of cancer treatment options that includes proton beam therapy, and dedicated after-treatment care. At Mount Elizabeth, it’s possible.