Mount Elizabeth Novena Centre for Genomic Health

Our Fees

Learn more about our clinical genetic testing package below to find out what’s included and how much it costs.

GeneTest Plus

GeneTest Plus offers a comprehensive health assessment by combining a genetic test that analyses your DNA for potential disease-causing mutations, and a cancer screening to assess your current health risks.

What it includes:

Genetic testing

  • Consultation session with a genetic counsellor
  • 1 genetic laboratory test (to be determined following genetic counselling)
  • Final report
  • Test review with a genetic counsellor

Cancer screening (to be conducted at Parkway MediCentre)

  • Clinical examination

    • Blood pressure
    • Body mass index (BMI)
    • Height and weight
    • Physical examination
  • Vision test

    • Colour vision
    • Visual acuity
  • Urine full examination & microscopic examination (U FEME)

  • Blood investigations

    • Full blood count
    • Bone/joint profile
    • Cholesterol profile
    • Fasting glucose
    • Kidney function
    • Liver function
  • Blood tumour markers

    • Liver: Alphafoeto protein (AFP)
    • Colon: Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)
    • Pancreas: CA 19-9
    • Ovary: CA 125 for women
    • Breast: CA 15-3 for women
  • Colorectal cancer screening

    • Occult blood (immunological) (OBI)
  • Test review with general practitioner

  • Final report

Cost (with GST): $3,200